Deposits and resources

Underground deposits and resources are currently a major challenge for the development of modern society.

GEOLITHE intervenes in different sectors of economic activity to evaluate underground resources.

  • Search for deep reservoirs for the supply of drinking water.
  • Search for deep water resources for hot springs.
  • Determination of deep geology for low energy and high energy geothermal energy applications.
  • Estimation of the volume and quality of deposits for mines and quarries.
  • Prospecting for deposits for oil and gas.
  • Qualification and instrumental monitoring of deep storage.

Our know-how

  • Aerial geological mapping then precision GPS and SIGassisted terrain mapping.
  • Geological and structural assessments.
  • Geological follow-up of drilling (geological and structural measurements, sampling, data summarising under WellCAD…).
  • Development of a 3D geological model from field data, drilling data and geophysical cross-sections. Geolithe has the program Geomodeller-3D.
  • Terrestrial and marine geophysical prospecting,down to several thousands of meters in depth. GEOLITHE performs seismic reflection campaigns (vibro-seismic or marine).
  • Estimation of reserves.
  • Constancy in mining and study-monitoring of vibrations.
  • Lasergrammetry and photogrammetry.
  • Securing and protection against risks of collapse, slides, subsidence, avalanche.