Research and development

GEOLITHE is involved in numerous Research and Development activities, with the goal of being at the forefront of technology and to offer innovative and up-to-date solutions.

Participation in the national project (2014- 2017) – Climate Change Rockfall Risks Protective Structures ( C2R2OP)

  • The project proposes to bring together the different stakeholders in the sector to build a group of concerted, pertinent and generic responses to the miscellaneous questions posed by rockfall risks. The analysis of needs expressed by the Project Managers, the road and rail infrastructure managers, or by those responsible for safety, leads to classifying the expectations into three parts, which constitute the structuring axes of the project. The project turns around 3 major axes
    • Knowledge and reconnaissance of the hazard
    • Risk management and decision assistance
    • Counter-measures
  • Opportunities for general consulting
  • Challenges for railways

Adaptation of geological modelling to the geotechnical problem of gravity induced phenomena on rocky slopes (exploitation of geotechnical fracturing type data – Wolf / Schmidt framework – in studies of rockfalls, non-programmer

Participation in the Rem pare project, financed by the ANR (Agents National de la Recherché)

REMPARE = RE-Guinier des Melons de Protection par nanoparticles Nanoparticles (Re-engineering of Protective Retaining walls by Re-cycled Man-made Components) Duration: 3 years Overall total: > 2,000,000 ! University and research laboratory partners

Development of trajectographic simulation software (Silex2000)

  • 2D deterministic model based on equations developed by EPFL (F. Protoxide, V. Beamline -Ecole Poly technique Federale de Lausanne)
  • Taking different propagation modes into account: aerial, rolling, sliding
  • Taking the nature of soils into account
  • Taking the vegetation into account
  • Taking the fragmentation of blocks into account
  • Structuring sizing assistance (characteristics of trajectories: kinetic energy, speed, passage height)
  • Aid to zoning of hazards (probability of breaching)

Development of natural risk management software, coupling to S.I.G.  (mapinfo) and a specific database _ Management of phenomena, hazards, events, structures, maintenances, etc.)

Development of rockfall acoustic detection systems using geophones in collaboration with the Myotis company.

  • Road Applications (RD 900 – col de Larche – Rochaille site – 04)
  • Railway Applications : SNCF approval for pour la slope configurations


  • Ouvrage Géobloc® – Patent pending: work of interception and small footprint storage – ten structures created at this time.
  • Reinforcement of rock-shed protective wall – Patent application in preparation.

Internal research work on geophysical methods for the detection of subterranean cavities, aimed at protection against the risk of collapse (reconnaissance methods, interpretation methods, etc.)

    Research and development