Risk and avalanche barrier construction

Protection d’itinéraires routiers


Avalanches are gravity induced phenomena presenting different types of flows It is by the multiplication of issues (communications routes, zones of habitation, skiable) that these phenomena produce damage to persons and property nowadays. Since 1992, GEOLITHE possesses all the experience and skills necessary for the study and assessment of avalanche phenomena. We bring you technical support depending upon your degree of risk acceptance, your degree of securing and the desired viability.

Our know-how

Characterisation of the phenomenon

  • Assistance to the Project Head
  • Mission of project management and project management assistance
  • Study of the characterisation of hazards and in-situ risk analysis
  • Acquisition and statistical analysis snow-conditions data
  • Analysis and measurements of terrain,
  • 2D Modelling of flows using Aval1D

Protection strategy and risk managemen

  • Establishment of hazards map
  • Regulatory zoning
  • Multi-criteria analysis (technical, financial, viability, environmental, maintenance)

Design of passive and active protective structures

  • Dimensioning of protective and consolidating structures (anchoring, barriers, grids, racks, deflectors, protective walls, avalanche galleries, etc.)
  • R&D on automatic avalanche detection

 Risque et genie paravalanche

Suivi pose barrière mono ancrage


Risque et genie paravalanche

Monitoring de site

Protection domaines skiables