Missions performed

GEOLITHE assists you, advises you and puts its expertise at your disposition throughout your project:

Either for a geological assessment mission

  • Geological mapping
  • Structural study
  • 3D geological modelling
  • Geological risk study
  • Instrumentation
  • Development of documents MSG (Mémoire de Synthèse Géologique et Géotechnique – Geological and Geotechnical Summary Report) and PMR (plan de Maîtrise des Risques- Risk management plan).

Or for a geotechnical engineering mission

GEOLITHE possesses the skills to intervene at all stages of the life of a works project The different missions enter into the framework of geotechnical engineering type missions G1 to G5 such as defined by the standard NFP 94-500 revised in  November 2013

  • Mission G1 – Preliminary geotechnical study
    • Mission G1 ES – Site study
    • Mission G1 PGC – General Construction Principle
  • Mission G2 – Geotechnical design study
    • Mission G2 AVP – Pre-project Phase
    • Mission G2 PRO – Project Phase
    • Mission G2 DCE/ACT
  • Mission G3 – Study and follow-up of geotechnical execution
  • Mission G4 – Supervision of geotechnical execution
  • Mission G5 – Geotechnical diagnosis

Or for a more global project management mission

  • Design phase and execution phase project management mission
  • Assistance to the Project Head
  • External monitoring missio

Or lastly for tests and checks

  • Laboratory tests (identification and mechanics of soils)
  • Vibration checks
  • Instrumentation of works and natural sites

GEOLITHE is available 7 days per week, for Emergency Interventions requiring an immediate intervention.