Seismic refraction

Result supplied

The seismic refraction allows an accurate cross-section of different layers of the sub-soil to be obtained, individualised by their thickness and their seismic velocity (P wave velocity).

Investigation in depth

System 60 m : environ15 m. System 120 m : environ 30 m. System de 240 m : de 50 à 60 m.


  • Rock sub-strata examinations
  • Localisation of fracture or faulted zones.
  • Determination of the tendency for landsliding
  • Recognition of aquifers
  • Etc.

Our Means

We have modern and very efficient seismic laboratories (24 and 64 channels) We use every type of source (hammer, seismic rifle, weight dropping, explosives, etc.) GEOLITHE interprets the data with methods which allow the depth of different seismic horizons to be calculated for each geophone (ABC method, Plus-Minus method, etc.)