Linear infrastructures


In the field of major earthworks, GEOLITHE brings its mastery of the methods of stability analysis of slopes of excavations, whether of soil or rocks, of elevations and compressible soil embankments and the calculation of settlements. The techniques of substitution processing (lightened elevations) or soil reinforcements in particular, are also more and more used.

Our know-how

  • Specific geological and geotechnical expertise concerning routes and platforms, civil engineering, structural works, routed underground works, the analysis of the stability of excavations, loose or rocky; of the stability of embankments, calculations of the settling of platforms, soil substitution (lightened elevations), treatment of soil reinforcement.
  • NFP94-500 geotechnical missions going from upstream feasibility phases (routing) to the phases of monitoring of the execution of works of platforms and associated geotechnical works.
  • Instrumentation of geotechnical works, checking and monitoring of vibrations.
  • Project management (design and realisation), external monitoring, project management assistance.