Rock-slides are rapid and brutal gravitational phenomena involving the movement of material of greater or lesser degrees of homogeneity. It is by the multiplication of issues (communications routes, zones of habitation, industrial zones, structural works, etc.) that these phenomena produce damage to persons and property nowadays.

Since 1992, GEOLITHE possesses all the experience and skills necessary for the study and assessment of these phenomena.

GEOLITHE provides contractors with personnel qualified and accredited to move about in difficult access environments.

Our teams of engineer geologists, geotechnicians high mountain guides, intervene in-situ, in order to establish a geological and morphological diagnosis specific to each study zone. They work autonomously using alpine techniques or with helicopters.

It is during in-situ reconnaissances that all of these phenomena and challenges are identified and characterised. The propagation must then be determined by trajectographic simulation or assessment. This approach allows therefore, the hazards of rockfalls to be determined and to propose protective counter-measures. These counter-measures are sized in the laboratory by trajectographic simulations and design calculations. Our permanent relations with works companies and their suppliers allow us to establish very realistic financial costs.

Our know-how

  • Assistance to the Project Head
  • Mission of project management and project management assistance
  • Diagnostic studies, Pre-project, Project
  • Trajectographic simulation (Software Silex 2000, Rockyfor 3D)
  • Establishment of hazards map
  • Regulatory zoning
  • Dimensioning of protective and consolidating structures (anchoring, barriers, mesh screens, protective walls, etc.)
  • Follow-up and monitoring of works in the execution phase