Presentation of the company

GEOLITHE is an Engineering-Consultancy Bureau  in geology, geophysics, geotechnical and civil engineering, specializing in the areas of natural hazards, infrastructures and layouts, the environment, deposits and resources.

Created in 1992, the company GEOLITHE, with a headquarters in Crolles (Department 38) benefits from 6 regional agencies and 3 subsidiaries?


Regional agencies

  • Alps Agency(Crolles -38 and Metz Tessy – 74)
  • Mediterranean Agency (Mouans-Sartoux – 06 and Vitrolles – 13)
  • Western France Agency (Rennes – 35)
  • Reunion Island Agency (Sainte-Marie – 974)
  • South-West France Agency (Toulouse – 31 and Bayonne – 40)
  • Auvergne Agency (Clermont-Ferrand – 63)


  • GEOLITHE Indian Ocean (Mayotte – 976
  • GEOLITHE Chile (Santiago)
  • GEOLITHE Algeria (being set up)


Our multi-disciplinary team brings together all the skills which will be useful for the execution of complete studiesandassessments. The company is equipped with modern work tools, suitable for ensuring work of quality, allying  rapid intervention and reliable results.

GEOLITHE make the commitment to contractors to implement appropriate investigations to‘inform within the limits of the methods used, and to provide a clear vision  of the desired results .

Our independence guarantees the customer with the objectivity of our studies.

GEOLITHE adheres to a policy of quality control. Our services, field work and assessment reports, conform to the Code of Ethics of the The Union Française des Géologues (UFG French Geologists Union), to the classification of geotechnical type missions of the Union Syndicale Géotechnique (USG Geotechnical Union), to the Code of Good Practices of the Association pour la Qualité en Géophysique Appliquée (AGAP– Applied Geophysics Quality Control Association).

With our concern to follow up on new techniques and to innovate, the company regularly collaborates with Research Organizations.