GEOLITHE provides its geotechnical skills for your construction projects. The study of the behaviour of soils requires engineering expertise and highly qualified geotechnical technicians.
The execution of a geotechnical study at the design stage of a project allows the proper mastery of risks to be assured in the works phase and notably the cost of this; The sooner, potential difficulties and soil constraints are identified, the lesser the impact on the cost and the progress of the work.

Our team of engineers, geotechnicians provide the monitoring of works in order to adapt the solutions considered to the reality of the site during the work.

  • In-situ geotechnical reconnaissance:
    • Destructive core surveys with parameter recording
    • Pressiometric probing
    • Heavy dynamic penetrometry and Panda
    • Mechanical shovel probing
    • Lugeon / Lefranc / Porchet permeability tests
    • Traction conformity tests on anchoring bolts and tie-rods
    • All our reconnaissances can be performed in difficult access situations, our teams are equipped with single rope technique;
  • Geophysical reconnaissances (seismic reflection, seismic refraction, tomography, hybrid seismic, geological radar, electrical prospecting, magnetism, etc.)
  • Laboratory tests on soil samples
    • Identification tests
    • Geomechanical tests