Natural hazards

The proper taking into consideration of natural risks is primordial for the management and the continuity of any infrastructure (roads, railways, buildings, structural works, etc.).

With nearly twenty years of experience in the field of natural hazards, our company puts its teams of highly qualified engineers at your disposition, in order to guide you and to orient you in the realisation of your projects.

By allying the multi-disciplinarity of our teams and our equipment, the miscellaneous problems related to natural hazards can be studied. We propose very efficient solutions in order to guarantee:

  • the best technical quality
  • the optimisation of costs
  • the reduction of execution delays

Our teams of geologist engineers, geotechnicians and geophysicists treat all types of natural problems

  • Rock-slides
  • Mud-slides
  • Cavity collapse
  • Landslides and debris flow
  • Seismic risk
  • Avalanche, glacier hazards

In the study phase, we propose an analysis of hazards, of potential damage on the challenges and the hazards as well as appropriate counter-measure solutions.

The design of special, innovative structures is at the heart of our professions: we search for appropriate counter-measure solutions, respectful of the site and of the environment.

The structures shall be sized with state-of-the-art tools:

  • Trajectography
  • Digital modelling
  • Sizing of consolidations

In the execution phase, our works engineers will bring all their know-how to you interms of work-site monitoring and project management.

Our mapping engineers specialised in risk management perform all types of regulatory mapping of hazards: PPRN multi-risks (natural hazard prevention plan), hazards map.