Maritime and fluvial works

dams, seawalls, jetties, canals, ports, riverbank layouts

GEOLITHE performs geotechnical and hydrodynamic studies, missions of assessment and project management of consolidation of hydraulic structures.
In addition, GEOLITHE is accredited under the decree 2007-1735 of MEDD (Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development) to perform missions of assessment and project management on hydraulic structures such as seawalls and small dams.

  • Terrestrial and aquatic geophysical reconnaissance: seismic refraction, electrical panels, electromagnetic, radar
  • Geotechnical reconnaissances: mechanical shovel probing, dynamic cone penetrometer, pressuremeter probing, coring
  • Laboratory testing: identification, geomechanical tests, oedometer tests, (compression studies)
  • Geological and geotechnical assessment of structures, analysis and evaluation of induced deformations,
  • Modelling of internal flows, taking into account of hydrograms of floods
  • Study of external and internal stability, analysis of flows and hydraulic gradients
  • Management of specific stresses ( erosion, periodic flooding, rapid draining, internal erosion)
  • Initial safety diagnoses
  • In-depth technical inspections
  • Development of structural dossiers, of written instructions
  • Studies of danger
  • Studies of the quantification of rupture hazards
  • Studies of the definition of consolidation modes


Modélisation hydrodynamique