Studies and inspections of vibrations

The studies and inspections of vibrations are necessary for

  • To guarantee the integrity of civil engineering structures, buildings, embankments or cliffs.
  • To limit the nuisance caused to residents.
  • To optimise shot plans by reducing and mastering the nuisances due to vibrations.

Our services

In the preliminary phase

  • Consulting and expertise.
  • The recording, the digital treatment and signal analysis.
  • The prediction of vibration levels (law of propagation).
  • The determination of allowable vibration thresholds, according to regulations or recommendations in force.
  • The determination of allowable explosive charges as a function of distance.
  • The study of the dynamic behaviour of structures.
  • Blasting assistance (calculation and adaptation of shot plans

In the works phase

  • The design and installation of the monitoring system.
  • The monitoring of recordings.
  • The maintenance of equipment.
  • The analysis of works data.


  • Explosive rock-removal
  • Explosive excavation of galleries and tunnels
  • Compacting
  • Driving in of Retaining walls – Boring
  • Rock-removal or demolition by hydraulic hammer
  • Quarries – Impact studies
  • Industrial vibrations or those induced by human activity Etc.