Terrestrial seismic reflection

Result supplied

Seismic reflection allows a continuous, detailed image to be obtained of the horizontal and vertical structural extension of different geological horizons.

Investigation in depth

THR: from 0 to several hundreds of meters. HR: from several tens to several thousands of meters.


  • Hydrology Searches for deep water reservoirs or hydrothermal sites.
  • Civil engineering: Reconnaissances for tunnels, dams, etc.
  • Geological risk: Search for cavities.
  • Underground storage
  • Resource : Prospecting for deposits of useful substances

Our Means

We use all types of seismic sources (P or S wave vibrators, explosives, seismic rifles, weight dropping accelerated and non-accelerated, etc.) We possess modern, efficient seismic laboratories which allow us to perform acquisitions with several hundreds of plots.