Soil mechanics

Rock mechanics
Passy RD13

Services performed

  • In-situ geotechnical reconnaissance:
  • Destructive core surveys with parameter recording, pressiometric surveys, CPT, SPT
  • Heavy dynamic penetrometry and Panda
  • Lugeon / Lefranc / Porchet permeability tests
  • Traction conformity tests on anchoring bolts and tie-rods
  • Geophysical reconnaissances (seismic reflection, seismic refraction, tomography, hybrid seismic, geological radar, electrical prospecting, magnetism, etc.)
  • Laboratory tests on soil samples
    • Identification tests
    • Geomechanical tests
  • Geotechnical study of earthworks, consolidation,
  • Study of route tracing,
  • Study of soil improvement
  • Study of treatment against landslides
  • Design and implementation of monitoring systems and management of landslide risks.